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Cyber Security: The Invisible Threat to Your Business

February 23, 2021

Learn how to protect your business from cyber threats and at the same time, become compliant with the cyber security standards from the Center for Internet Security. We will also discuss “The Ohio Data Protection Act of 2018” and how this can help you gain a legal “Affirmative Defense” in a potential tort case against your business due to a cyber breach. This presentation is non-technical and designed for business owners.


Presented by Allen Perk, CEO, XLN SYSTEMS 

Allen Perk was raised in a political environment where his father rose the ranks to become Mayor of Cleveland, OH in the 1970’s.  Allen is a graduate of Miami University (OH) where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Systems Analysis.

Allen’s career started in 1979 with the accounting firm of Ernst & Ernst.  From there he became a “go to” I.T. analyst for the State of Ohio and then for Digital Equipment Corporation where he earned several prominent awards including DEC’s Software Excellence Award.  In 1991 Allen started XLN SYSTEMS and continues to have clients both large and small.

Allen is a pro small business advocate.  He is a 19-year member of NFIB, is on its State Board and is Chair of the Central Ohio Area Action Council.  Allen also serves on Governor Mike DeWine’s CyberOhio Advisory Board as well as Franklin University’s Center for Public Safety and Cyber Security Awareness board.

Allen has three married children and resides in Columbus, OH with Regina, his wife of 37 years.


Columbus, OH 43215