The Joseph Group

Our Retirement Plan Services

Who We Work With

  • Our typical retirement plan client:
  • Is a locally owned company;
  • Has 10-100 employees;
  • Has a retirement plan with at least $1 million in it;
  • Has a culture of caring for their employees.

The Joseph Group Way

Built on our core values of integrity, teamwork, humility, excellence and enthusiasm, we utilize a proven process with our retirement plan clients that partners with them and their employees. For the company we focus on plan effectiveness. For its employees we focus on retirement readiness. We call this process The Joseph Group Way:

Step 1 – Discover

We get to know the company (their business, their core values, their benefits philosophy and the specifics of their retirement plan) and we get to know their employees (their retirement readiness and financial acumen).

Step 2 – Fiduciary Guidance

In combination with the plan administrator, we use the information gained in Discovery to help the company design a retirement plan that achieves fiduciary objectives:

  • Plan design
  • Vendor Consulting
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Fiduciary Checklist
  • Due Diligence Binder

Step 3 – Investment Guidance

We recommend an investment menu for the plan; monitor and benchmark the performance of the menu on an ongoing basis; recommend changes to the menu as needed; and assist employees in choosing appropriate investments from that menu, consistent with their own goals and circumstances.

Step 4 – Employee Engagement

We empower employees to own their own retirement readiness via financial education seminars; group and one on one meetings; and personal financial coaching.

Our Commitment

Our retirement plan clients have worked long and hard to build their business. As a result we make a personal commitment to each of them and their employees:

  1. To Listen Extremely Well
  2. To Work Very Hard
  3. To Put Their Interests Above Ours