The Joseph Group

Our Wealth Advisory Services

Who We Work With

Our typical wealth advisory client:

  • Has central Ohio ties;
  • Is between 50 and 70 years old;
  • Is a current or former professional, business owner or executive;
  • Has a $1 million to $5 million total portfolio;
  • Has strong core values and life goals;
  • Is not a do it yourself investor.

The Joseph Group Way

Built on our core values of integrity, teamwork, humility, excellence and enthusiasm, we utilize a proven
process with our wealth advisory clients to help them align their financial wealth with their life goals in
order to help them live great lives. We call this process The Joseph Group Way:

Step 1 – Discover
We get to know the client’s financial situation as well as their core values and life goals.

Step 2 – Develop Initial Wealth Plan
We use the information gained from in Discovery to prepare an Initial Wealth Plan. This plan
provides a current financial position and a year by year projection of personal cash flow
including sources of cash; uses of cash; and their impact on portfolio value over time. A variety
of assumptions are considered including annual living expenses; portfolio returns; inflation; and
life expectancy.

Step 3 – Revise Plan and Develop Wealth Allocation Framework
We work with the client to revise the plan to ensure their short and long-term goals are properly
supported and we develop a custom Wealth Allocation Framework that identifies the
appropriate investment strategy for each part of their portfolio.

Step 4 – Implement/Monitor Plan and Wealth Allocation Framework
On an ongoing basis we oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Revised Plan and
Wealth Allocation Framework and meet with the client 2-3 times per year to ensure the plan is
on track and to make any adjustments to the plan as needed.

Our Commitment

Our clients have worked long and hard to accumulate their wealth. As a result we make a personal
commitment to each of them:

  1. To Listen Extremely Well
  2. To Work Very Hard
  3. To Put Their Interests Above Ours