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Alicia Lein,
Wealth Advisory Client
Time for Travel

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I think from the get-go with retirement, it's been having choice - being freed up to choose things and then giving myself permission to explore interests.

Alicia Lein

After retiring from her career with the Columbus Zoo, Alicia Lein gave herself a little bit of time to adjust to post-work life and then began to explore different possibilities that might ignite her passion. Alicia discovered that traveling was one of those things and has since spent time hiking in Sedona, living in Boulder and getting to know the local culture of Italy where she spent time with a friend living like a local in a small town. Retirement has also allowed her to spend more time with her family and her new granddaughter, Zoe.

Her keys to a life of significance after success:

  • – Open yourself up to new opportunities
  • – Be prepared for a transition time
  • – Say ‘yes’ to trying new things

What does living a great post-work life look like for you?

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