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Bill & Deb Hoy,
Clients of The Joseph Group
We have reached the point where we're ready for something different.

Hear Bill & Deb

We just finally have reached the point where we want to do something different. We want to be able, when you have a barn like this; you're constantly managing staff to get to stay on top of everything. Bill’s cutting a lot of grass. There's a lot of maintenance, and so you're not quite as free to come and go when you want to, and with seven grandchildren now, and it's just time for us to transition to something new.

Deb Hoy

Please meet Bill and Deb Hoy, who are long-time friends and clients of The Joseph Group! They’re proud parents and grandparents of three daughters, and seven grandchildren. Over their lives they’ve gone through a number of different transitions both in their personal lives and careers to pursue their dreams and passions. And now they’re in the midst of a new transition as they refocus their time on family and travel and their hobbies. As you listen to how they’ve pursued their great lives, we’d love to help you with yours, so hopefully this can help to inspire some of your own ideas. And if we can be in any way helpful in that pursuit please let us know!

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