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David Weiss,
Client of The Joseph Group
In retirement, there's still lot's to do...

Hear David

One of the things for me, was, as I left formal roles and big organizations, I realized that I was not a senior vice president at a big bank. That's what I did, but it wasn't who I was.

David Weiss

Friends, meet David Weiss. David is a retired banker and he shares a lot of the joy he and his wife Toni now have living their great life. You’ll hear about their adult children and their grandchildren. You’ll hear a little about their vacationing, and some of the things that David is really enjoying at this point in his career. He’s still doing some bank consulting, but also living his great life with some hobbies and pursuits that we think you’ll enjoy hearing about. He also offers some great suggestions for those of you that are not quite yet in this great chapter of retirement but kind of looking over the wall and are wondering what it would be like. So if we can help any of you as you prepare to live your great life we sure would love to have that conversation!

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