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Jim Smith,
Retirement Plan Client
Elford, Inc.
Helping Employees Succeed in Retirement

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We don't expect them to be experts at their financial planning and we want them to put money aside, we want it to grow for them - we have a generous match here because we care and we want to make sure they succeed when they retire.

Jim Smith

Jim Smith is a great friend and client, and serves as the CEO of Elford, Inc. where he is helping his team to live great lives both now and when they are retired. At Elford, there are four keys to creating a culture focused on that great life goal:

  • – Focusing on core values that date back to Elford’s founders
  • – Hiring people for a career, not just a job
  • – Providing employee benefits that allow for a great life
  • – Getting team members involved with giving back to the community

Helping Elford, Inc. encourage retirement plan participation and meet their employee’s retirement goals so they can succeed when they retire  – that’s The Joseph Group Way!

How well is your company’s retirement plan meeting you and your employee’s goals?

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