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John Martin,
Retirement Plan Client
Martin Painting & Coating Co.
Helping Employees Live Great Lives

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When you look back and you say I was so fortunate to have these opportunities, to have an employer that gave me the opening to participate in a retirement plan and encouraged me and supported those contributions and matched them, and paid attention to my retirement - had I not have that, I might not have paid attention to it.

John Martin

John Martin is a wonderful friend and client, and his second-generation business, Martin Painting & Coating Co., is itself helping its employees live great lives. The philosophy John and his company have created is centered around four important aspects:

  • Attract, build and retain a great workforce with employee training
  • Use 401k benefits and healthcare to help employees save for retirement
  • Create a multi-generation workforce through great company culture
  • Ensure employee pride in retirement

Helping Martin Painting & Coating Co. encourage retirement plan participation and meet their employee’s retirement goals so they can retire with pride  – that’s The Joseph Group Way!

How well is your company’s retirement plan meeting your and your employee’s goals?

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