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Mike & Sharilyn Stanley,
Wealth Advisory Client
A Meaningful Life Through Ministry

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Someone can come to you and say, “Would you be the CFO of our ministry?” Sure, you can, but is it what you're called to do? Is it what gets you up in the morning? Is it what brings passion to your life?

Mike Stanley

Mike and Sharilyn began their married life as teachers, but over time, Mike wanted to provide more. And so they moved into the business world and Mike and Sherry bought and ran four McDonald’s stores here in Columbus. But God had some more plans for them. And after they sold those stores and went into early retirement, they felt a nudge to move on into ministry. Now, the Stanley’s are living their version of a great life through the specific ministries that God has called them to be a part of.

Their keys to creating a life of significance:

  • Do the things that God has called you to do
  • Know what your passions are
  • Starting planning early

How will you use your passions to create a life of significance?

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