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Alex Durbin, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Clifton StrengthsFinder®

Context – Input – Learner – Intellection – Strategic

Alex always loved markets. He remembers leafing through the Columbus Dispatch Business Section in elementary school looking at stock tables. The concept of returns on capital when, to that point in his life, all his returns had been on labor, was fascinating to him. He never really looked back.

It’s hard to pick a favorite Joseph Group value, but one Alex tries to exemplify and appreciate in others is humility. There are many useful applications for humility, and through the lens of the work he does it is essential. Humility as it relates to markets means knowing (and admitting!) you don’t have all the answers. It means keeping an open mind. It means a willingness to change your mind when presented with good evidence.

Alex received a BA in Finance from Cedarville University and was awarded a M.A. in Financial Economics from Ohio University. He worked for Edward Jones out of college, moved to Huntington Bank for several years, and most recently spent four years at the Ohio Schools Employee Retirement System where he managed OHSERS’ global equity portfolio.

He lives in Johnstown with his wife, Cynthia, sons Thomas and Dallas, and daughter Audrey. He enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, and reading history and theology.

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