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Nick Boyden

Client Advisor & Team Leader
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Developer – Includer – Maximizer – Strategic – Belief

Nick’s strong belief in the dignity of each person informs his service of clients, teammates, and all those with whom he works. He sees each encounter with another person as an opportunity to honor that dignity through love, care, and thoughtful service. One classical definition of love is “to will the good of the other”. Knowing of what that good consists requires relationship, not just facts on paper. As a Client Advisor, Nick finds the most joy in building relationships to get to the heart of each person’s good, and walking alongside them to help achieve it.

Of the stated Joseph Group values, humility means the most to Nick. Humility entails a constant recognition that we need it. As a way to keep that recognition front and center, Nick likes to remind himself, “your life is not about you”. The next turn from that principle is out from the self toward others; to ask questions, serve, and seek ways to will their good.

Nick is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University where he majored in Catholic Theology and minored in Philosophy. Nick’s finance career started at Nationwide Financial, where he was fortunate to receive comprehensive training and licenses in the areas of annuity internal sales and public retirement plan services. Nick was drawn to The Joseph Group in 2016 by a desire to build long-lasting client and workplace relationships, and to have the freedom to love and serve people well through his work.

He and his wife Lindsay have six children; Joseph, Evelyn, Theodore, Ethan,  Juliette, and Victor. They are blessed to be part of the St. Catharine of Siena Church and School community on the east side of Columbus. If you’ve got an hour or more to kill, ask Nick about his family or anything related to golf or food.

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