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5 Questions to Ask Yourself

September 28, 2016

We often hear how important it is to “find our passion” in life.  We even discuss it here at The Joseph Group as part of our “second half” discussions with our clients – encouraging them to pursue their true passion once they’re able to financially.  But how does one discover his or her passion?

Author and life coach Darren Hardy encourages people to write down the answers to the following questions as a way to zero in on what they’re passionate about.

Question #1 – If you had all the money you need to maintain your lifestyle the rest of your life and have vacationed and traveled to all the places you want to see, and were back home with nothing to do, what would you do next?  If even just for the personal satisfaction, what would you do with the rest of your life?

Question #2 – If you could trade professional places with anybody you know or know of, who would it be?  Why?  What aspects of their job or business or life appeal to you the most?  In what other settings can those aspects be found?

Question #3 – When in your past have you felt most alive, most accomplished, most fulfilled?  What were you doing?  What specifically about that activity gave you those feelings?

Question #4 – Now set aside the particular setting that you were in when you had those feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment and consider the actual function or activity that you love most.  What is it?  How could you replicate that function or activity in your life today?

Question #5 – What are you uniquely good at?  What comes naturally for you, your own superpower so to speak?

Sit down with your spouse or a good friend and share your answers to each of these five questions.  Ask that person to validate the answers you give.  Once you’ve discussed each answer with that person, edit and adjust your answers as appropriate.  You will find this exercise to be a great step towards identifying your passion.  And as Darren Hardy says, “everyone has a passion  – we’re hard wired to be passionate about something!”

Let us know how we can help you pursue your passion – we’re here to help!

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