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A Life Lived With Purpose

November 22, 2023

To Inspire:

Photo: Universal History Archive


I’ve been reflecting on the remarkable life of Rosalynn Carter who died on November 19th. For over 40 years she and President Carter worked tirelessly (through the Carter Center they established in 1982) to resolve global conflicts, advance democracy, defend human rights, eradicate disease, and improve mental health.

Mrs. Carter leaves a towering legacy of what can be accomplished when one is dedicated to others, especially those who suffer and her life is a reminder of the power of a life lived with purpose.

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving and the many blessings we enjoy, I encourage all of us to consider how she lived her life and to take from her life some attribute that we can bring into ours (see quotes below). In doing so we’ll make the world a better place and give joy to ourselves and others. Have a great weekend!

Former first lady Michelle Obama said in a statement. “Barack and I join the world in celebrating the remarkable legacy of a First Lady, philanthropist, and advocate who dedicated her life to lifting up others. Her life is a reminder that no matter who we are, our legacies are best measured not in awards or accolades, but in the lives we touch.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton called Carter a champion of human dignity. “Thanks to her mental health advocacy, more people live with better care and less stigma. Because of her early leadership on childhood immunization, millions of Americans have grown up healthier. And through her decades of work at the Carter Center and with Habitat for Humanity, she spread hope, health, and democracy across the globe,” the former president and former secretary of state said in a joint statement. “Rosalynn will be forever remembered as the embodiment of a life lived with purpose.”

Greatness, it’s in all of us!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-Founder