The Joseph Group

A Season to Reconnect

September 23, 2022

To Inspire:

Fall is here. It’s Lisa’s and my favorite season of the year; nothing better than fall in Ohio! We even chose to get married in the fall – 38 years in just a few weeks!

But in this issue of Wealth Notes, I’d like to focus not on the beautiful weather we’re about to have – but on the beautiful opportunity fall gives us to reconnect with others. Just this morning I attended the annual fundraiser for Catholic Social Services (CSS), “Breakfast with the Bishop.” It gives the many that attend each year an opportunity to be updated on the work CSS does to assist those on the margins of society – the poor, the immigrant, the elderly living alone – and to accompany them and help them. A panel of social service professionals spoke and a theme emerged from their remarks: the need for us to stay connected to one another and to those in need. The pandemic was a great barrier for many – preventing them from seeing those they love or assisting those in need. But with the pandemic subsiding, this fall is a wonderful opportunity to begin experiencing community once again. One of the panelists for this event was Lori Criss, the Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse for the state of Ohio. She shared that severe mental health issues almost always are accompanied by isolation and lack of connection with others. She also shared this amazing statistic – the chance of having severe mental illness is reduced by 50% for those that have meals with others at least several times a week. She said another layer of protection against mental health issues is slowing down each day to get outside for even 15 minutes.

We each might ask ourselves how well we are doing at staying connected – not just with our loved ones – but also with someone we know facing special challenges that needs our help and our time. Is it a neighbor, a child or grandchild, or perhaps someone you can serve at a local soup kitchen? Whoever it is, investing your time and heart into others will help keep them strong emotionally and mentally – and help keep you strong as well.

This will be a beautiful fall season. Get reconnected with those around you – and watch the joy in your life increase.

A great life is a life that is in community with others. Let’s live a great life!





Written by Matt Palmer, Co-founder & Partner