The Joseph Group

Be Joyful!

December 21, 2021

To Inspire: 

It’s Christmas week! For Christians, we celebrate in a special way this week the gift God has given us in Christ. For everyone, Christian or not, it has become is a season of family time and gift giving – a season of joy!

Joy is sometimes difficult to define but in this special week allow me to take the word’s three letters and offer some thoughts on characteristics of joyful people.

J – Joyful people are people that daily jump in to life and really live! They engage with life and see it as a great gift to be experienced and celebrated! Joyful people also are people who jump in to situations where they can offer love , encouragement, compassion and help. If you want to be a more joyful person, jump in to life each day with an attitude of gratitude and caring.

O – Joyful people are other-focused, not self-focused. Their attitude and outlook is directed to other people – getting to know them, encourage them, celebrate them, help them. Their mindset is outward focused not inward – helping others live a great life. In doing so they experience joy and also live a great life.

Y – Joyful people remain young at heart. They are curious, eager to learn, wowed by all that life offers. The world for them is constantly new and interesting and they have determined to take life on with a childlike (not childish) attitude of wonder and awe. Want to be more joyful – stay young in the way that you see and experience life!

JOY. Jump-in; stay other-focused; and remain young at heart. In doing so you will experience joy and help yourself and others live a great life!

From all of us at The Joseph Group to all of you, our dear clients and friends, have a merry and blessed Christmas!!


   Written by Matt Palmer, Co-founder & Partner