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Benefits of a Good Book

October 3, 2023

To Inspire:

What book are you reading right now? I ask because the older I get, the more convinced I am that reading is a practice that provides tons of benefits. Consider the following:

  1. Reading improves brain health – Reading is great workout for the brain, stimulating our brains to process, interpret and store what we’re reading. And unlike television or social media, reading stimulates brain activity and our ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time.
  2. Reading improves literacy and general knowledge – Reading is the most effective way to gain knowledge in general or in a particular area. It also greatly improves vocabulary and enhances writing skills by seeing different types of writing styles.
  3. Reading improves sleep and overall mood – Numerous studies demonstrate that a regular routine of reading before bed helps to signal your body that it is time to sleep. With so much screen time during the rest of the day, picking up a book before bed is a great way to wind down and prepare to sleep. And since reading also has been demonstrated to reduce stress by diverting one’s mind from any specific worries, the quality of sleep also is improved.
  4. Reading improves self-motivation – Including in our book selections stories about people who have overcome great challenges can serves as a personal source of motivation and inspiration. More specifically, reading biographies has been used by many successful people as a foundation for achieving their success.

Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Kennedy and Carter all were voracious readers. President George W. Bush read a book a week – quite an accomplishment for someone holding that office. Closer to home, we have many clients who are big time readers and members of very active book clubs. One of my sisters-in-law read 100 books last year – very impressive. And reading can now be done in various ways – Kindle, downloaded onto our phones or laptops to read or listen to, or the old fashioned way of actually having the book itself (my preferred approach).

Giving books to clients and friends has become an important part of the way we help our clients live great lives. I encourage you to consider what benefits you might receive from developing a commitment to daily reading and if you choose to pursue that, schedule it into your daily calendar. For a place to start in selecting what books to read, consider Readers’ Digest Magazine updated list of the 100 best books of all time at 100 Best Books of All Time.

Here’s to your great life!!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-Founder