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Building A Story Brand

June 28, 2019

To Inspire:

I (Matt) am reading a fascinating book, Building A Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, by Donald Miller.

Source:  www.buildingastorybrand.com


The overall strategy he shares is powerful and can be applied broadly, including, even, our personal lives.  To illustrate, let me share the principles he uses – principles that can fit not just companies but also not for profits, ministries, families, marriages and even the way we see our own life.

Principle #1: The Customer is the Hero, Not Your Brand – I love this as it reminds me that my life needs to be about others, not me.  When I live this principle –at work and in my personal relationships, I am living a very powerful truth – life is about serving/loving the other.  Let’s make that other person we’re with the hero, whether our spouse, children, friends or work colleagues.

Principle #2: Provide Solutions to Internal Problems, not External Ones – Outward circumstances impacting our customers and our personal relationships are just that – superficial.  Beneath those circumstances are the real factors influencing behavior: things like fear, love, desire.  As we work to understand those factors in those we love, we are tapping into the real issues that they need to be solved.

Principle #3: Be A Guide  – Our customers and our family/friends are not looking to us to swoop in and “solve” their problems.  Remember, per Principle #1 above, they are the hero of their story, not us.  What they want from us is a guide, someone to provide wisdom, direction and encouragement.

Principle #4: Customers Will Especially Trust a Guide Who Has a Plan – Our customers and our family/friends will especially trust us if we help them develop a plan, an approach to solving their problem.  Make them part of that planning – so that they can take ownership of it.

Principle #5: Customers Do Not Take Action Unless They Are Challenged To – We humans need to be challenged to act – so challenge those you love with the actions they need to take – but do it with charity, clarity and conviction.

Principle #6: Customers are Trying to Avoid a Tragic Ending – Make sure you show your customer/family/friend the implications of NOT taking action…avoiding a “tragedy” is a powerful motivator to action.

Principle #7: Never Assume People Understand How Your Brand Can Change Their Lives – Tell Them – This is a reminder to share your heart – to truly communicate.  Tell your customer/family member/friend WHY you are wanting to help them.  The old adage applies here, “people don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care.”

I encourage you to buy the book and visit the website – you’ll find some great insights to living a life of purpose, joy and passion – a life that serves others and gives you great fulfillment!