The Joseph Group

Expression Without Limitation

March 21, 2019

To Inspire:

Perhaps you have heard of Open Door Art Studio & Gallery here in Columbus, Ohio.  Open Door is home to 112 artists with disabilities.  They have access to the studio Monday through Friday to enjoy “expression without limitation.”  On Wednesday, March 20th, we held our second Women’s GatHERing at Open Door Art Studio and heard from their Art Mentor, Claire Smith, who shared a touching video highlighting a handful of the studio’s remarkable artists and what the gift of artistic expression without limitations means to them.  Click here to see the inspiring video Claire shared with our guests.

“As a disabled person, it’s a chance to get out and use my body and actually create something in the world,” says Christopher Bowsman, an artist at Open Door.  “Coming to Open Door, looking around and seeing all the people…seeing what they’re doing really helps with getting to know them as people and really connecting.  But you don’t just see the disability, you see the person…the story behind it.”

Christopher Bowsman, Artist at Open Door Art Studio

Behind every person is a story.  You are your story’s author.  So what is the story that you tell?  How are you writing a story of greatness, just like Christopher?  What is your story missing?  Maybe you’d like more time with loved ones; to finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.  Maybe you’d like to just slow down, enjoy life’s little moments; or volunteer at a nonprofit with the cause that’s close to your heart.  Today we encourage you to be brave and creative, just like Christopher and all the other remarkable artists writing their stories through their art at Open Door.  Your story may not include art, but there are so many other ways to add more beauty to it!

The remarkable artists of Open Door Art Studio & Gallery