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Fostering Fortitude

October 1, 2020

To Inspire:

Fortitude. It’s the strength of mind that enables a person to experience adversity with courage. In this issue of Wealth Notes, we share excerpts of an article on fortitude written for Success Magazine (September/October 2020 issue) by author, speaker and renowned teacher, Simon Bailey.


The Latin root of the word is fortis, which means strong and the etymology “fortified” signifies something that is made stronger or more secure. Here’s my formula for fostering fortitude:

  1. Focus on Authenticity. Be true to yourself and lean into your natural talents, interests and passions. When you can see yourself in what you do, you no longer need external validation.
  2.  Piggyback on Previous Successes. We’re evidence based beings. Your history of success can bridge the gap between internal confidence and professional competence, giving you the courage to push forward, even when confronted by challenges.
  3.  Take your MEDS. Meditation (prayer), exercise, diet and sleep all fuel your mental fortitude. Your intellectual and emotional well-being are contingent upon your physical health and vice versa.

There is a Japanese pottery technique called kintsugi in which broken stoneware is repaired with gold, silver or platinum mixed into lacquer. The repairs become part of the object’s history and make the finished vessel stronger and more beautiful because of them.  You are the same.  You are stronger and can be more courageous because of the challenges, experiences and insights you’ve collected over the years.  By being true to yourself, remembering what you’re capable of and prioritizing your wellness, you can master the fortitude formula.

Thank you Simon!  Fortitude is a virtue well worth cultivating, both in our professional and personal lives.  Work on your fortitude “muscle” and watch how it helps you bring out the true greatness you’re made for!