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Guided by Generosity, Wedding Couple Serves Homeless

August 28, 2020

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Courtesy Caroline Stoltzfus/The City Mission


A lot of celebrations have been missed or changed due to the coronavirus and that can definitely be disappointing. But a northern Ohio couple recently decided to use the downsizing of their wedding as an opportunity to help others.

Tyler and Melanie Tapajna of Parma, Ohio decided they couldn’t safely host the 150-person planned summer wedding, opting instead to have a small ceremony with family and close friends. But instead of asking their favorite local caterer for a refund on the food for the planned formal reception, the couple decided to do something else. They contacted Laura’s Home, a Cleveland non-profit that houses homeless women and children, and got permission to donate prepared food. The couple’s only request? That they be allowed to help serve food to the residents on their big day.

The couple came from their ceremony, still in wedding gown and tux, to don hairnets and gloves to serve guests. Laura’s House had just begun allowing limited volunteer opportunities, so while the rest of the small wedding party couldn’t come along to help, Rich Trickel, CEO of The City Mission, which oversees operations at Laura’s House, was thrilled to welcome the couple.

After serving food, the couple went out into the crowd to talk with the women and children, and enjoyed the many smiles, especially the smiles from the kids. The couple said they have donated to a charity every year since they met, so it was fitting that this was their first major event as a married couple.

Of the couple’s actions, Trickel said, “I mean who does that? An unbelievable act of generosity and compassion.”

Generosity and compassion, indeed.

Instead of letting disappointment take over, this young couple let caring and compassion guide them, a lesson we should all take to heart. Think of your own life – where can you take something that is changed or cancelled and turn that time or those resources into an opportunity to benefit others? Embrace the possibilities!


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