The Joseph Group

Live Fully Alive

April 29, 2022

To Inspire:

We’ll come back to Matthew Kelly’s book on generosity in future WealthNotes. But today I want to reflect on some ideas shared by John Eldredge in one of his best sellers from a number of years ago, Waking the Dead: The Secret to a Heart Fully Alive.

The book’s title reminds me of a quote from St. Iranaeus: the glory of God is man fully alive. Let’s think about that for a moment, whatever your faith background is. St. Iranaieus is sharing with us that when we are fully alive – living an abundant life of giving and joy and courage – we reflect God’s glory, His very essence. Wow…have you ever thought of yourself in that way? Have you ever thought of others in that way – your spouse, children, friends, colleagues? It’s a powerful idea that lifts us to a totally new way of understanding ourselves and others.

And it points us back to John Eldredge’s book above and it’s subtitle: the secret to a heart fully alive. Yes, this is getting a bit spiritual but isn’t life so much more than just tasks and activities? Isn’t there something underneath all that we do each day? The answer is yes and it’s our heart that lies underneath everything. Not our physical heart – but that part of us that transcends merely the surface things in life and takes us to that part of us that is eternal.

Dear clients and friends, we are made to love. The “heart” is a way to express our core purpose which is to give love and receive love. Life takes on so much abundance when we see it with the eyes of our heart. Today, let’s make a commitment to begin seeing everything and everyone through the eyes of our heart – through the eyes of love. In doing so I believe we will discover the very purpose of our lives and we will reflect the very glory of God!

Our mission is to help clients live great lives…Today, live a great life – a life of love, a life that comes deep from your heart!


  Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder