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Pathways to True Freedom

March 24, 2023

To Inspire:

For Christians, this is the season of Lent – a time of reflecting more deeply on Christ’s death and resurrection and choosing to take on our own acts of self-denial, prayer and almsgiving. Many choose to fast from alcohol, sweets or coffee. Others take on extra works of charity or more frequent times of prayer. All of these disciplines help join our hearts to God in recognition of His great love and sacrifice for us.

While the spiritual impact of these activities can be tremendous, such activities have a benefit for us that is separate from the spiritual realm. When we practice self-denial in ways small or large, we remind ourselves that we are not slaves to our own desires for ease, comfort and pleasure – but that we can overcome those and choose higher goods. I know of a young man who always chooses his second favorite item on a restaurant menu, not his first. He does this simply to strengthen his higher nature over his lesser one – to be in charge of his life and experience true freedom, versus being a slave to his appetite.

This can be done in so many other areas of life. Are there times when removing television or social media from our lives for a period of time can help us recalibrate our lives to those pursuits that are truly important? Perhaps using that time to read a good book or write a note of encouragement to a loved one allows us to experience the freedom to become the best version of ourselves. Is the most expensive car we can afford essential to our lives or can one a bit less expensive provide all that we need while also giving us an opportunity to donate the extra money we would have spent to a cause that helps those in need?

Disciplines like the ones above are not really restrictions but pathways to true freedom and peace. And they strengthen us to better handle the adversities and sufferings that are part of this life.

Perhaps this weekend, give thought to activities or habits in your life that enslave you more than they benefit you. Begin to exercise discipline and control over them and see if you don’t find more joy, more freedom, more peace.

We are made to live lives of greatness – let’s pursue our great lives with great passion – it will be so worth it!

Have a great weekend.





Written by Matt Palmer, Parter & Co-Founder