The Joseph Group

Rich Habits

April 22, 2019

To Inspire:

In our last two WealthNotes, we shared ways to build good habits and break bad ones – as shared in James Clear’s New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits.  In this WealthNote, we share 8 great habits that are almost universally shared by people who have built considerable wealth.  These are based on findings of a study done by Tom Corley and shared in his best-selling book, Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

  1. They have developed a clear vision for what they are striving to accomplish with their life – a primary life purpose for which they have great passion;
  2. They have broken that vision down into workable goals/activities that they pursue every day via a written plan;
  3. They wake up early;
  4. They are persistent – pursuing those goals/activities even on days when they don’t feel motivated;
  5. They are action-oriented;
  6. They manage time very well – focusing their time and energy on those activities that bring them closer to their goals and their vision;
  7. They spend very little time online or watching television;
  8. They spend considerable time with family and on personal learning and self-development.

Financial wealth is rarely a positive motivator in and of itself.  Rather, wealth (in its broadest meanings) is a by-product of a focused and planned pursuit of one’s life purpose.  The habits above will help a person achieve “wealth” in all areas of one’s life: their faith, their family relationships; their health, their career, and their financial net worth.

If you lack any of these habits, begin to practice them each day.  If you already possess some or all of them, work on strengthening them and share them with others.