The Joseph Group

The Possibilities In Change

March 10, 2023

To Inspire:

In the last two weeks, I (Matt) have been reflecting on change and how it impacts our lives. No doubt that’s been spurred because our firm has just moved our offices – from the Arena District, where we had outgrown our space, to the Brewery District, where we now are in larger space totally renovated to our growing firm’s needs.

Our move has been a significant change for our firm: leaving space we had been in for 20 years and designing, financing and actually moving into new space. It was a monumental nine month effort from beginning to end and that kind of change gave us many challenges to work through and more than a few problems that had to be solved.

But my overwhelming sentiment now is that the change we went through has been a powerful force for good for our firm and each of us on the team. The uprooting and the many changes associated with that has helped us reconnect with our mission and five core values in a new way and expanded our vision of the kind of firm we can be on behalf of our clients and our team. New space triggers new possibility thinking – it has been exciting and inspiring to be coming out the other side of our move stronger, more adaptable and more excited about the next chapters of our company’s story.

Change can work that way in our personal lives. Starting new chapters, taking on new experiences and being challenged with all that life throws at us – all of that is big time change. But if we open ourselves to that change and accept it, we will discover the benefits and the new possibilities that are there for us and we will find that we can embrace change with gratitude, courage and joy.

We so want for all of you – clients, team members and friends – to live a life of greatness; the greatness of charting your path to your dreams and all that God has made you for. Allow change to help you be all that you’re made to be – and you will make an impact with your life that will be beyond anything you could have dreamed of.

Have a great weekend!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder