The Joseph Group

Wearing Red for Women

February 19, 2018

February is here.  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (more winter on its way), and we celebrate the birthdays of George and Abe (our 1st and 16th Presidents).  But our favorite holiday of the month is February 14th, Valentine’s Day; a day to celebrate “romantic love” with a gift of roses, a touching note or a box of candy.  A red “heart” shape is the symbol for Valentine’s Day; our heart being thought of as the place where romantic love resides.  But our physical heart is, as we know, what keeps us alive as it pumps, pumps, pumps day after day….night after night.  It makes sense that February is known as “Heart Month” and the spotlight shines brightly on the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

In recent years the medical world has discovered there are differences between the way men and women present heart disease and there are differences in the therapies used to treat heart disease in men vs. women as well.  Heart disease and heart attacks do not discriminate by gender with heart disease currently the #1 cause of death in women.  The American Heart Association (AHA) is working hard to get this word out via its Go Red for Women campaign.

Being inspired by the amazing women we know and love, our team wanted to get involved with this great cause. Friday, February 2nd was Wear Red Day as a way to kick off Heart Month. The Joseph Group celebrated Wear Red Day with team members being encouraged to wear red, and with a chili cook-off contest (yes…the spicy chili left everyone “red-faced”).  Below is a group photo of a number of the red-garbed team members.

Mark Palmer (The Joseph Group’s Chairman) serves on the Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”) of this year’s Go Red for Women fundraiser event.  The event, a luncheon scheduled for February 22nd at the Columbus Convention Center, will see close to 1,000 people gathered to celebrate women, heart health for women, and the funding for education and research into heart disease. Cardinal Health CEO Mike Kaufmann and his wife Linda are the energetic co-chairs of this year’s Go Red for Women event.

To learn more about this event, please click here.

As you continue to celebrate romantic love this February, take time to stop and appreciate your heart and the blessing of good heart health. Have a great rest of “Heart Month” from our hearts to yours!