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Younger Next Year

December 11, 2018

To Inspire: 

Guest Speaker Chris Crowley addressing guests at the 2018 Winter Wealth Summit


We were delighted to host New York Times bestselling co-author Chris Crowley (Younger Next Year) for our Winter Wealth Summit last Wednesday night on the campus of the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Joining us as hosts were Wesley Communities; the OSU College of Social Work’s Age-Friendly Communities Initiative; and Diamond Hill Capital Management.

Chris Crowley with The Joseph Group team


Now 84 years young, Chris gave a humorous and inspiring presentation on the importance of achieving a high level of physical fitness as a way to turn back the clock and stay healthy and active, well into our 80’s.  I (Matt) had the pleasure of exercising with Chris earlier that day and can assure you that this man practices what he preaches – his warm-up was as vigorous as many people’s entire workout!

Chris shared the following strategies to achieve the fitness level of an active 50-year-old well into our 80’s:

  1. Commit to working out six days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes each day – Chris urged all of us to look at our daily workouts as a job – we simply have to go and do it!
  2. Aerobic workout – four of the six weekly workouts should be aerobic based – split evenly with two being slow/steady aerobic exercise sessions and the other two being high-intensity workouts.  He encourages a wide range of aerobic workouts to avoid boredom: treadmills; outdoor runs; biking; rowing; elliptical, etc.
  3. Strength Training workout – the other two weekly workouts should be strength training – preferably with free weights.
  4. Nutrition – Chris reminded us that all of us know what to eat – we simply need to have the discipline to do it.  Eat only fresh real foods – no processed foods.  Avoid sugars and starches (no breads, cereals or pastas).  And drink alcohol in moderation, if at all.
  5. Social relationships – Finally, Chris reminded us that as we move into retirement, we may be tempted to isolate ourselves, which is not healthy for us physically or emotionally.  Instead, push into an active social life that builds and maintains friendships and provides opportunities to give back.

Sound advice from a guy who is living a great life in his retirement – with passion, joy, and purpose.

So, how are you doing in achieving a high level of physical fitness – so that you can live your great life well into your 80’s and 90’s?  Need a copy of Chris’ book?  Click here to go to our FB page and you’ll see a link to his book “Younger Next Year.”

Happy reading.  And happy working out!