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Dig a Little Deeper for Some Good News

April 17, 2020

To Inspire:

Every news source…COVID-19!  You can’t turn on the TV, radio or look at your phone without Covid-19 news and there seems to be little motivation to share the positive stories. But we’re going to take a page out of John Krasinski’s book (John played Jim on The Office) and talk about some inspirational stories that have sprung up during this pandemic.

First of all, for reference, here is John Krasinski’s project. It’s a YouTube page called Some Good News that focuses on…you guessed it…GOOD NEWS! Watch Some Good News with John Krasinski

Here are a few other good stories we’ve heard these past few weeks. Hopefully if you’re feeling anxious or scared, these will make you feel a bit better.

Starting with the sports world, former Cleveland Brown and current Pittsburgh Steeler Joe Haden ordered 600 pizzas from Sciulli’s Pizza, a local restaurant in the Pittsburgh area, for medical workers at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. This story is so cool because not only is he honoring local medical workers, but he’s also helping keep a local restaurant busy during these trying times.

Sticking with sports, multiple NBA superstars including Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, and Zion Williamson have donated significant sums of money so the staff at their respective arenas will keep receiving paychecks.

Hitting closer to our home, Columbus siblings Taran (9) and Caliope (6) Tien, took their cellos to the front porch of Helena Schlam, their elderly neighbor who loves classical music and has been isolated for days. They gave her a concert with songs ranging from Bach to “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.”

A middle school math teacher in North Dakota had a 6th grader struggling with a concept. What did he do? Grabbed a portable white board, drove to her house and worked through the problem on her front porch as she watched through the storm door.

Michael Che of Saturday Night Live fame recently lost his grandmother to Covid-19. She lived in public housing in New York so he is choosing to honor her by paying one month of rent for all 160 apartments in the building.

This is just a few, but you get the idea. You might have to dig a little, but the positive stories are out there. Keep the faith, keep your head up, and we’ll get through this!

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