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Don’t Settle: Dream Big and Find Purpose

February 28, 2020

To Inspire:

Over the last three decades Tony Robbins has helped millions of people live better lives through his books, CDs and live events while also serving as a life coach to Olympic and professional athletes, executives, and leaders in many fields. His advice centers on the building of character, the power of purpose and the importance of focus. In a March 2015 interview with SUCCCESS Magazine publisher Darren Hardy, Tony spoke on the importance of “not settling” in life. He shared that as children all of us had big dreams – to become an astronaut or an NFL quarterback or an accomplished artist or musician. But as we mature and start experiencing the challenges and frustrations of life, we find it easier to settle rather than be hurt or disappointed in the pursuit of our most cherished dreams. In this interview Tony provided three insights to help all of us avoid that temptation to settle:

  1. First, we must continually feed the inner hunger we all have to continue growing, contributing, creating and loving throughout our lives. We do that by reflecting/praying daily about the kind of life we’ve been called to live and by being around others who are still growing, contributing, creating and loving. We tend to become like those we spend time with so let’s choose our friends and social relationships wisely.
  2. Second, we must express that inner hunger with a purpose bigger than ourselves. That purpose may be investing in others close to us – our spouse; our children and grandchildren; our friends and co-workers. Or it may be to help those well beyond our immediate circle – for example, people that are battling poverty, homelessness, incarceration. oy: true fulfillment.”
  3. And third, we must be sure to utilize strategies that are effective. Tony is a big believer that success leaves clues so find someone that’s already pursued a life of purpose and passion in areas you’re drawn to and learn from them. What are they doing and how can you replicate or improve on what they’re doing.

Tony’s advice is sound. So let’s all ask ourselves some questions:

  1. Are we establishing daily routines in our lives to reflect/pray on the life we desire and are called to live?
  2. Are we spending time with others who inspire us to live a life that reflects the best version of ourselves? And if not, what are we going to do to increase our time with those kinds of people?
  3. Are we reading inspirational books that feed and grow our inner hunger to continue growing contributing, creating and loving throughout our lives?
  4. Have we identified a greater purpose than ourselves and are we pursing that purpose in our daily, weekly and monthly activities? In other words, does our daily calendar reflect our highest purpose(s)?
  5. Are we utilizing strategies that help us to be effective in living out our purpose? Are those strategies addressing the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of our lives?

In working with clients at many stages of life, we’re discovering that those who refuse to settle and have found a purpose beyond themselves are experiencing the greatest joy. Continue to examine your life and look for areas and opportunities that allow you to give, to serve, to create, to love. Live big – with passion and purpose. Build a legacy as one who was a giver – to the extreme. And get ready for the joy you’ll experience.

Greatness…. it’s in you.

Source: Success Magazine, March 2015 Achievement Audio CD