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Finding the Gifts in Adversity

June 25, 2020

To Inspire:


The motivational speaker and author Napoleon Hill wrote that “within every problem or obstacle lays the seed of an equal or greater opportunity or benefit.” And Norman Vincent Peale used to say, “When God wants to send you a gift, He wraps it up in a problem. And the bigger the gift that God wants to send you, the bigger the problem He wraps it up in!”

What a great way to think about our problems. Instead of focusing on them, let’s look for the gift inside of them; it is always there and with persistence it can be found.  Often times it is far more valuable than the cost of the problem.

There is a famous World War I British general who was described by his superiors as an “iron peg driven into the frozen ground – immovable.” In other words, when this man faced adversity, he refused to back down and found a way to overcome the obstacle he was facing.

COVID-19 is creating many obstacles for all of us. We are missing being with loved ones and we are finding it challenging to conduct our personal and business lives in the way we used to. But when we choose to be like the general described above – by confronting our obstacles with a firm resolve to overcome them, only we can stop ourselves.

Each time we exert our self-discipline and resolve to persist in the face of adversity, we increase both our confidence and our skill. As both of these develop, we become more adept at facing future challenges. And by disciplining ourselves to persist in the face of adversity, we put our life into an upward spiral – getting closer and closer to becoming the best version of ourselves – the version God intended when He made us.

This life is all about facing and overcoming problems. Today, take a few moments to identify the challenges and problems you and your loved ones face and develop a firm resolve to overcome them. Persist until you succeed – and you will find the great gift hidden within them.

Have a great week.

(Excerpts above taken from the book NO Excuses, by Brian Tracy)