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Generosity In Action

June 17, 2022

To Inspire:

Let’s continue with some ideas from New York Times bestselling author Matthew Kelly on how to develop The Generosity Habit, from his newest book of that same name.

Idea #5 – Tip generously. With some regularity, leave a tip that is 2-3 times as much as you usually give. I love this one as many people reading this right now are financially able to tip in this manner. Perhaps set a goal that once a week or once a month you are going to use this idea in your tipping. You may not see the joy or gratitude on the face of your server but you can be sure their face will reflect exactly that once you’ve left and they see how much you tipped them. When I do this, I also try to write a short comment of thanks on the bill and I often leave a little prayer card as well.

Idea #8 – Support a small business. Go out of your way to buy something from a small business. Small businesses create 67% of new jobs and deliver 43% of gross domestic product. Thirty-six percent of small businesses are owned by women; 9% by veterans, and 15% by people of color. Nearly 70% of every dollar you spend with a small business ultimately returns back to your community. They are the back bone of our communities and our economy – buying from them can generously reshape your community and your world.

Idea #9 – Bring people together. Consider hosting a dinner party – perhaps consisting of friends or acquaintances of yours that usually aren’t invited to dinner parties. Or pick a book that has inspired you and host a 2-3 session book club. Life is about relationships and all of us thrive on connections. Make special connections and see what happens.

Idea #12 – Compliment a stranger. This is a challenging one. But I recently tried it, complimenting a woman in our office building on how beautiful she looked. I made sure to be very clear that I had no other intention other than to tell her that. She responded – “that is so nice of you, thank you for making my day.” It made my day, realizing that I made the day of someone else!

Kelly has 100 of these ideas in his book and we certainly won’t cover all of them. But we’ll continue to share a few at a time and I hope they encourage you as they have encouraged me.

Generosity – what a wonderful habit to share with a world that do desperately needs it. And you’ll be giving a gift to yourself as well!

Great lives…..live yours with generosity – a hallmark of greatness!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder