The Joseph Group

Giving from the Heart

December 23, 2022

To Inspire:

Clients and Friends – this will be our last issue of Wealth Notes for 2022. What a blessing it is to know so many of you and to take this opportunity on behalf of our entire team to wish you a beautiful Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great 2023.

Christmas is a very special time for Christians as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but the love that is part of Christmas is something that all people of good will (and all faith traditions) can continue into the new year. We like to refer to it as “giving from the heart.” Giving from the heart costs us nothing – it’s not a present, it’s a way of living – through a focus on giving. When we give from our hearts, we give of ourselves – listening to someone that needs to be heard; sharing an encouraging word with someone who is struggling; speaking the words “I love you” to those that we do indeed love. A gift from the heart is one that lasts; it is a lasting memory we give someone and it helps them move forward in their own life journey with renewed confidence and the realization that they are not alone.

In this very special season, in addition to all the presents and festivities, let’s make an effort everyday to give from our hearts. Giving always precedes joy – so make this holiday a joyful time through the way you give.

Giving – the key to a life of greatness, a life of joy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a blessed New Year to all of you and your families – from all of us at The Joseph Group.





Written by Matt Palmer, Co-founder & Partner