The Joseph Group

Giving Without Getting

December 10, 2021

To Inspire:

This season is one in which Christians celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ – a gift that can never be fully repaid.

It got me thinking about our gift giving. So often we give gifts to those who also will give gifts to us.

A suggestion for this beautiful season of giving – that some of our gift giving be done for people who can’t repay us. Perhaps there’s a family on your street going through a hard time. Could you anonymously drop off a meal or an envelope with money?

Or maybe you and your family could go to a nearby soup kitchen and serve a meal sometime over the holidays. Those receiving that meal can never repay you but it may be the most wonderful gift you ever give.

Gerry Newman of Edgar, Wisconsin shared in this month’s issue of Guidepost Magazine that he asked his children and grandchildren to not give him any gifts, but instead to help someone in need with the money they otherwise would have spent in him. One of his grandchildren bought new shoes and winter boots for some children in need. Another donated to an organization that helps grieving mothers while another family member purchased gifts for children living in poverty who had posted their Christmas wish lists on their church’s giving tree. Gerry shared the joy he experienced knowing that he and his family were giving gifts that could never be repaid. He said that was the best Christmas gift he ever received (Guideposts, December 2022).

Giving is such an important part of living a great life. Every day we write one more chapter in our life‘s story. This season, let’s make this chapter one about giving to others they cannot repay us.  There is one gift that we are sure to receive – JOY.


  Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder