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Goals Worthy of Your Greatness

September 11, 2017

Business Coach and author Darren Hardy tells a great story about lions. Evidently lions instinctively ignore very small game (like mice) because the calories they expend to catch and kill a mouse is more than the calories they generate eating the mouse – meaning a lion would starve to death if all it did was hunt and kill small game. Instead, lions hunt big game, like antelopes. While the energy expended is greater, the reward is greater too – an antelope will provide food for the lion and her family for days.

He uses the story to make an analogy for all of us. Are we living our life pursuing and achieving small goals?  True, they may be easy to achieve, but are they worthwhile – are they really what you and I were made for?  Deep inside, we all know we’re made for greatness and its only great goals that are worthy of our efforts. Great goals are ones that build our character and accomplish much in service to our families and to others. They may or may not bring wealth and fame but they always build up those around us and they always advance the common good. They’re the “antelopes” of our lives.

Be an antelope hunter, not a mouse hunter. Set your sights on goals that are worthy of your greatness!