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Habits of Monastic Life

November 3, 2023

To Inspire:

Earlier this week, Steve Lawson spoke at our Fall Wealth Summit. A talented and passionate young business and life coach, Steve has spent time immersing himself in monastic life to see what habits and disciplines allow monks to live with great peace while also being some of the most productive people in the world.

Two of the habits he shared particularly struck me as being helpful. The first is setting aside time each day to reflect – to reflect on what we’re grateful for; what is working and not working in our lives; what relationships and priorities are most important; and are we organizing our days and weeks to give time to those priorities. While I give some time to daily reflection as part of my prayer life, I left that evening committed to investing more time each day for reflection and to use a journal to capture the thoughts and ideas that come to my mind and heart during that time. My hope is as I spend more time in deep reflection, I can change and grow in ways that allow me and others to more fully flourish and become all that God made us to be.

The second is living in the present moment. Steve shared that because monks have found ways to simplify their lives, they are able to invest themselves totally in the present moment. Rather than thinking about something else as they engage in prayer, work or conversation, they focus entirely on that person, that task, that time of prayer. And the result is a joy that can only come from fully living in the now – which is the only time we really have. I must admit that I have struggled with this habit for many years – spending so much time not being fully present to those I love and care about deeply. Steve’s remarks have me determined to see each moment as an opportunity for impact. If I’m with someone, I want to be an encouragement to them, to help them see their inherent dignity and greatness. And if I’m working or doing a task, I want to strive to instill excellence into it and make that activity one that serves others and the greater good. I believe that in doing so I will experience joy and purpose and help build a better world.

Steve not only shared the wisdom and insights he’s gained with our clients and guests at our Wealth Summit, but he also met with a group of local CEOs and with our team. We’re grateful for his work and I encourage you to check out his life planning tool, the Monk Manual, at www.monkmanual.com.

Have a peaceful, purposeful and productive weekend – a weekend that reflects your highest priorities and values.





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-Founder