The Joseph Group

It’s Up to You

October 23, 2018

To Inspire: 

We recently shared the story of the young man that The Joseph Group’s CEO, Matt Palmer, met while doing a climb in Colorado’s Pike National Forest.  Josh changed his thoughts to change his behavior which changed his life.

Check out this YouTube video by Absolute Motivation entitled “It’s Up To You.”  You’ll hear some great messages:

  • Listen only to words that empower you.
  • It’s not how long you live; it’s how you live that is important.
  • Feed your mind only those thoughts that strengthen and inspire it.
  • Give yourself permission to make mistakes – you’ll make them if you’re out in the world pursuing your dreams.
  • Don’t follow the 95% that do nothing with their lives – be part of the 5% that truly live.
  • Be wise and discharge your duties in life faithfully.



Source: Absolute Motivation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMz2_S2y9WE&feature=em-share_video_user


It’s true – every passing moment is another chance for each of us to turn it all around.  The time is now – what are we waiting for…