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Live a Bigger Life

April 6, 2023

To Inspire:


Easter is the high point of the Christian year in which Christians enter into the mystery of God’s love, shown in the death and rising of Christ. That resurrection is new life, eternal life, into which Christians are baptized and through faith, live out.

How appropriate that Easter happens in the spring with all of the new life that nature is displaying for all to enjoy. I often walk my dog at Franklin Park Conservatory and am surprised every time I’m there with something new that is flowering and giving us another brilliant color.

The power and joy of new life is so compelling, so very attractive. It begs the question – are each of us living the newness of life that each day offers? Are we getting from life all that it offers and are we giving to life all that we have? If not, we aren’t experiencing our best life, our fullest life – the life God made us to live.

I love much of what Norman Vincent Peale wrote (he also was a favorite of our dad, Joseph Palmer, for whom we named this company). Listen to these remarks from one of Peale’s sermons (paraphrased slightly) – and see if they don’t offer a good formula for living a bigger, newer, more exciting life:

Every day is good.

Every day is filled with opportunities.

Every day is filled with excitement.

Every day is filled with meaning and hope.

Want to live a better life? Then live a bigger life: see the good; step into the opportunities, live bolder…

And finally, form a very clear picture of what you want to become, the kind of person you want to be. And be it!

What a great time to live the new life that God offers us each and every day. This life moves so fast. Spend more time reflecting on the kind of person you want to be and become that person. You’ll find joy all along that journey.

For those of you that celebrate Easter, have a blessed one!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-Founder