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Look Out the Window and See the Miraculous

February 11, 2021

To Inspire:

Here we are, closing in on one year of pandemic life, and, if you’re in Central Ohio (or much of the Eastern United States), socked in by snow and below freezing temperatures. What to do? Why not take a look out your window and see the beauty of the world.

Birdwatching: Winter is a great time to start birdwatching. With less species around and less foliage for them to hide in, it’s easier to see and identify the birds winter here. The Columbus Audubon Society has some great information on winter birding in Ohio. If you can get outside, listen to their songs. Or just take a minute to watch them in flight and appreciate their beauty.

Window Art: Feeling artistic? Windows are a big, clean canvas. Try using acrylic paints to create a beautiful design, then watch it come to life when the sunlight shines through. Or try your hand at drawing or painting the view you can see from your window. Don’t worry about being perfect – just have fun with it.

Play ‘I Spy’: Gather your family at the window for some time away from the TV and other device screens. A classic game of ‘I Spy’ is a fun way to pass the time. Make teams for a friendly competition or see who can find the most colors. Paying attention to the little details can help you appreciate the view even more.

Look to the Sky: In addition to those beautiful birds, think of all the awe-inspiring views as you look to the heavens. Is there anything more beautiful than a sunrise? How about watching a storm roll in or watching the silent peacefully falling snow? Spend a few minutes watching the clouds race by or the moon as it rises in the night sky. Use these moments to center yourself and remind yourself of your purpose.

Poet Jacqueline Suskin has an idea about how to bring more joy and more peace to our lives. Poetry. Suskin believes poetry reveals the smallest details of creation and reminds us that life is a miracle, something to be celebrated. But you don’t have to be a professional poet to cultivate a poetic mindset. From Suskin:

“Be in awe of everything. Reverence, fear and wonder are pillars of the poetic mindset. Reverence for the gift of life and the giver. Fear of loss and impermanence. Wonder at the world’s majesty and beauty.

The poetic mindset starts with the idea that nothing is an accident. Everything is interrelated and plays a part in a greater whole. Therefore, everything deserves notice and even celebration.

Even on your hardest day, a glance around will reveal something miraculous.”

As winter continues and we begin to look forward to Spring, look out your window and recognize the miraculous in your life.





Written by Michelle O’Brien, Manager of Marketing


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