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Overcoming Challenges

April 8, 2022

To Inspire:

It’s Master’s week at Augusta and as I (Matt) write this, Tiger Woods has finished his first round and is one under par.

While I’m not a golfer or even a big fan of golf, I am a big fan of heroic comebacks and learning what qualities people draw on to make those comebacks. In this issue of WealthNotes, I’d like to use Tiger’s comeback from a horrific car crash 14 months ago that nearly cost him his leg. How has he gotten himself back to being able to compete at the Master’s. Four qualities seem to stand out in his journey back to competitive golf that the rest of us can apply to challenges in our own lives.

Having a Clear Goal – Tiger is known for having a laser focus when it comes to preparing for a tournament. He defines his goal in very specific terms and develops a very specific plan to achieve that goal. How can you and I apply that quality to important aspects of our lives? Is it a relationship we want to improve? A personal fitness or career related goal? A goal to make a real difference in another person’s life? Get clear on a goal and be relentless in pursuing it.

Expect Setbacks – Tiger’s comeback over the last 14 months had setbacks. His right leg was very badly injured and there were days where progress was slowed or even reversed. But he accepted those as part of the journey and was not deterred from his goal. Expecting setbacks along the way is an important aspect of achieving goals and having that expectation keeps us from getting too discouraged or even contemplating quitting.

Utilize a Team – Tiger is quick to share that he has a team of people that have helped him with his comeback. His surgeon, physical therapist, swing coach and numerous others are there to help him pursue his goal and keep him on the plan he and they have designed. Do we have people in our lives that know of our goal and are there to help, advise and encourage us? If not, develop that team – it could be a spouse, sibling, friend or professional – but having people in your corner is essential to achieving your goal.

Enjoy the Journey – Achieving the goal is important but even if it’s not achieved to the fullest extent that you would like, the journey itself has taught you much and made you a stronger and more resilient person. Stop each day to look at what you are accomplishing and express thanks – to God and to others – who are helping you move forward.

Those who compete at the highest levels of any aspect of life almost always utilize these four qualities to become the best version of themselves. Think carefully about what goals are important to you and then work to develop these qualities – you’ll be amazed at how they help.

Your great life – begin pursuing it now!!


   Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder