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Perseverance in Football and In Life

February 11, 2022

To Inspire:


The Cincinnati Bengals will play in the Super Bowl this weekend. As I have reflected on their amazing journey to reach this pinnacle of their sport, the word perseverance has kept coming to mind. Losing season after losing season, ownership, management, coaches, players and fans have experienced the challenge of maintaining faith and persevering towards a goal. Lisa and I will be rooting for them!

Perhaps their greatest symbol of perseverance is their second year quarterback Joe Burrow. Raised in southeastern Ohio, Joe and his family have witnessed the social and economic challenges that so many families in that area face daily and how those families have persevered and continue to hope and move forward in life. Joe is using his game and wealth to lift up his hometown community – bringing much-needed help to those who have persevered for so long.

What challenge are you or a loved one facing that may have persisted for weeks, months, even years? Looking back you may only see setback after setback – even failure upon failure.

But perhaps Joe’s story and the story of the Bengals can remind you and all of us that perseverance ultimately brings results. Maybe not always the results you seek but even in the persevering itself a certain victory is achieved – a discipline, an attitude, a spirit of never giving up. And in the end, maybe that is the greatest result.

Whatever you or a loved one is going through, don’t give up. Let God and others into your problem. Start again today to battle and address whatever that challenge by reminding yourself or them of the power of perseverance. Fill your life with hope and perseverance and in time you will achieve a victory of some kind that is beyond anything you could have imagined.

Perseverance – it’s part of a living a truly great life.

Enjoy this Sunday’s Super Bowl and go Bengals!


   Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder