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Rest and Recharge

August 12, 2022

To Inspire:

July and August are great months for vacations. And I hope that many of you reading this have been able to get away for a vacation this summer.

Rest is one of the reasons we all take a vacation. It give us an opportunity to unplug from our busyness and normal routines and to enjoy a different place and, hopefully, a time of rest.

In the world in which we all live, rest is so important to our overall health. Healthcare professionals remind us that our bodies need the rest and recharging that a vacation provides – for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. But rest is something we need to incorporate into our daily lives. Imagine the benefits of living each day in a more restful way – our energy, mood, productivity and overall health would be so much better. Experts give the following tips on achieving great rest each day:

Train your mind to avoid excessive worry and anxiety – Neither has ever been known to actually solve an issue you’re concerned about. Instead, train your mind to think calmly about the issue concerning you. Remind yourself that God is in charge and that He is more than able to help solve the issue. Make a conscious effort to turn it over to Him and if there is a role for you to play, identify it calmly and carry it out with peace and confidence.

Take little breaks throughout the day to rest – Even five minutes of sitting quietly and shifting your brain to neutral provides great benefit.

Naps are good – If your life allows you to take naps, do so! A 30 minute nap will not interfere with your night’s sleep and yet will give you some energy to finish up the day strong.

Get plenty of sleep – Researchers now advise 7-9 hours of sleep a night – especially as we get older. Dark and cool rooms and a gradual slow down as you approach bedtime are essential to great sleep, as is not looking at your phone or computer in the final hour before you go to bed.

Exercise – Walking, running, biking, hiking – all are wonderful ways to recharge and give you a more rested approach to your life.

Good reading – Read books and articles that are joyful, encouraging, faith building and peace giving. Focus your mind on joyful positive things – not negative ones!

Sabbath – The Christian and Jewish faiths believe strongly in a day of rest each week – the Sabbath. Make sure you have a sabbath day in your week – a day when you don’t work, don’t do hard manual exercise and when you simply relax with family and engage in activities that give you life and don’t take away from you.

Rest…it is so important to living a great life. Learning how to rest will be one of the most valuable skills you acquire. Hope you have a restful weekend.





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder