The Joseph Group

Seek Greatness!

October 14, 2022

To Inspire:

Emeritus Pope Benedict once said “we are not made for comfort, we are made for greatness.“

I found myself thinking of this quote last evening as I was fortunate to be in a gathering of very accomplished people. Leaders in law, psychiatry, business and social services. I noticed how joyful and interesting they were and I think in large part it was due to the way they live their lives. Rather than pursuing comfort, they have pursued greatness in areas meaningful to them.

I certainly don’t mean to suggest that rest, hobbies, vacations and travel are not essential activities, they are. They renew and refresh us and enable us to step back into life with energy and zest.

A life of greatness can be defined in many ways, but fundamentally it is a life of purpose and meaning and includes an orientation to others – serving them, encouraging them and helping them live lives of greatness.

So many of you reading this live lives of greatness; the world is blessed to have you.

Perhaps today we can all reflect on Pope Benedict’s quote and be more intentional about how we live each day. Seek greatness, we’re made for it!





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder