The Joseph Group

The Joy of Giving

August 23, 2017

Perhaps you read of the Salt Lake City high school teacher that is getting married and on her gift registry has asked for shoes and backpacks to give to homeless children at her school.

Copper Hills High School teacher Rickee Steward said she was shocked when she found out that more than 100 students attending her school are homeless. This realization prompted Rickee to change her wedding register to request backpacks and shoes for those and other low income students. Her wedding is next month and she and her fiancé are thrilled with the response so far from their friends and family. (Note: excerpted from the Columbus Dispatch)

Isn’t that a great story?! Rickee and her fiancé may miss out on some stemware and a blender or two. But what they will receive in knowing they are truly helping others in need is priceless! Perhaps you and your family can come up with a fun and innovative way to help others. In a similar vein, I’m aware of a family in my parish that is raising funds for a medical foundation that seeks a cure for a very rare life threatening genetic condition. This family has reached out to several local restaurants in the Bexley area, each of which have agreed to donate to this foundation a portion of their sales proceeds on a designated day. The family is now letting friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners know about it to drum up big turnouts for those restaurants on that day. What a win-win!

Both stories are great reminders of the joy of giving!