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Things to Do to Celebrate Memorial Day

May 27, 2022

To Inspire:

Memorial Day is a such a special day. The very word reminds us that this is a day to remember – to remember especially those who served our country in the military.

Perhaps on this Memorial Day weekend we can do more than just remember. Here are some ideas that might help all of us truly commemorate:

  1. Visit a cemetery: Many of us will visit a cemetery, primarily to visit the gravesites of our own loved ones. Let’s take time however to look around us and see all of the small American flags, marking the graves of those who served in the military. Pause for a minute and lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for these men and women who gave their own time and talent and in some cases their very lives to help protect all of us and this great country. Gratitude is such an important part of remembering.
  2. Tell your children or grandchildren about someone in your life that served in the military. Use this weekend as a time not just to grill out with family but also to offer your memories of someone in your family that served in the military, the kind of person they were and the military experience they had. And remind your children and grandchildren how important it is to be thankful for all of the men and women that have gone before us and served our country.
  3. Write a letter: If you have a family member or friend that served in the military or is currently serving, perhaps take a few minutes to write them a letter thanking them for their service to all of us. So many in our military (past or present) are forgotten; on this Memorial Day weekend let’s not forget.
  4. Visit a veteran: Do you have a family member or friend that is a veteran? Commit to calling them this weekend – better yet, go see them – and thank them for their service. If possible, bring a child or grandchild with you and ask that veteran to share a little bit of their military experience and why they are proud to have served.

Our country continues to be free in large part due to the men and women who have served so faithfully in the military years ago or now. So let’s remember – but let’s also take action to show them our gratitude.

And enjoy this weekend – it’s the perfect weekend to celebrate our nation’s freedom and all the blessings that freedom gives us!


  Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-founder