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Time to Get Serious About Living Your Ideals

February 4, 2022

To Inspire:

If you are struggling with your New Year’s resolutions as we enter the month of February, perhaps this quote from Epictetus will give you some necessary inspiration:

“Now is the time to get serious about living your ideals. How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be? Your nobler self cannot wait any longer.

Put your principles into practice – now. Stop the excuses and the procrastination. This is your life! You aren’t a child anymore. The sooner you set yourself to your spiritual program, the happier you will be. The longer you wait, the more you’ll be vulnerable to mediocrity and feel filled with shame and regret, because you know you are capable of better.

From this instant on, vow to stop disappointing yourself. Separate yourself from the mob. Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do – now.”

A great wake up call, isn’t it?! Yes living a great life does take determination and focus. But it’s so worth it.  So whatever aspect of your life you are working on right now, recommit and pursue it with passion.  God made you to truly live!!  Stay warm!


   Written by Partner & Co-founder Matt Palmer

Source: The Art of Living