The Joseph Group

Whose Shoulders Do You Stand On?

April 21, 2023

To Inspire:

We hosted an open house last night for our new office and were so touched that nearly 300 guests (clients, friends, etc.) were able to come. I led a couple of formal tours during the open house and shared a bit of our company’s history. I shared the impact that Mark’s and my father’s (Joe) life had on the two of us – leading us to name the company after him and to identify core values by which he lived his life – values that all of us here strive to live each day (integrity, teamwork, humility, excellence and enthusiasm). I saw how many long time clients came – clients that hired us when we were small and not well known. It was wonderful to see four former team members who stopped by to join in the festivities.

All of this reminded me that this company has been built on the shoulders of so many people. And I realized how important it is to be thankful for all of those people that God blessed us with each step along the way. We are a thriving growing company and so many have had a part in that. To God and to all of you, we express our sincerest thanks.

Who are those people in your life whose shoulders you stand on? Parents, teachers, mentors, colleagues, family members, friends. You might more deeply reflect on those people who have impacted your life in a positive way. For those that are still living, perhaps begin to reach out them one by one to share what they mean to you and to thank them for how they blessed you and the life you now live. Gratitude is such a powerful attitude – it blesses others and it blesses us; studies show that deeply grateful people are happier and live with greater contentment.

Gratitude – a very important part of a great life! And from all of us here at The Joseph Group, our thanks to each of you for the relationship we’ve built with you – you are part of the tapestry of this firm!

Have a great weekend.





Written by Matt Palmer, Partner & Co-Founder