The Joseph Group

Great Life Stories: Chris & Tara McConaughy

June 24, 2022

To Inspire:

Our mission is “Helping create great lives… one story at a time.” We love helping clients and friends build the great retirement they deserve and we love capturing and sharing their stories. Throughout the year we share stories – through Harvest Magazine and through videos featured on our website.

Our latest great life video – featuring Chris and Tara McConaughy – is special to us. For the past four years Chris was the Joseph Group Investment Operations Associate and a member of our Investment Strategy Team. He was also involved in Veritas Church. About two and half years ago, Chris approached Travis Upton, expressing his increasing call to serve and the two agreed on an arrangement where he could work part-time as the director of mercy and justice for the church while still working for The Joseph Group. Early this year, Chris left our team to become associate pastor and pursue full-time ministry with Veritas.

We’re excited to share Chris & Tara’s beautiful story – how they met, the journey to full-time work with the church, what’s going on in the ministry, and their thoughts on what “a great life” means to them. They are selfless and giving and it is a privilege to share their amazing story with you. Watch Chris and Tara’s video here.

You can see all of our past stories here. We’ll keep sharing these great life stories, let us know if you would like to share yours.





Written by Michelle O’Brien, Manager of Marketing & Communications