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Wealth Notes: Year: 2018

Wealth Notes is a regular digest provided to you: our valued clients and friends. Our goal with each issue of WealthNotes is to provide you with two perspectives on wealth: one that aims to inspire and the other that aims to inform.

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  • Fed Up?

    December 20, 2018

    To Inform:  During yesterday’s Federal Reserve announcement on interest rates, members of The Joseph Group team gathered around the TV in our team area to watch the announcement and the market reaction.  At 2:00 pm, the announcement came across that the Fed was increasing the Fed Funds rate by 0.25% (from 2.25% to 2.50%) and […]

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  • From Wedding Aisle to Toy Aisle

    December 19, 2018

    To Inspire: If you happened to see Monday night’s NBC News with Lester Holt, you saw an inspiring story on Brad and Jessica Bond.  The Utah couple had just finished their wedding vows and been introduced to their guests as Mr. and Mrs. Bond when they surprised everyone by handing out $10 gift cards to […]

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  • Is 2018 The Worst Investing Year in History?

    December 13, 2018

    To Inform:  The attention-grabbing headline was purposeful.  Declines for major asset classes (like stocks and bonds) have not been especially deep in 2018, but when you look across asset classes, by some measures, markets have never seen a year where so many asset classes have negative returns. A couple of weeks ago, the chart below […]

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  • Younger Next Year

    December 11, 2018

    To Inspire:  Guest Speaker Chris Crowley addressing guests at the 2018 Winter Wealth Summit   We were delighted to host New York Times bestselling co-author Chris Crowley (Younger Next Year) for our Winter Wealth Summit last Wednesday night on the campus of the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Joining us as hosts were Wesley Communities; the OSU […]

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  • Investment Update: Managing Risk and Client Objectives

    December 7, 2018

    Investment Update:  Earlier this week, the advisors and investment professionals which make up The Joseph Group’s Investment Committee gathered in front of the screen in our team area and talked about what has changed in the markets during the last few trading days. Last week, market behavior supported the idea that the typical 4th quarter […]

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  • With Gratitude

    November 27, 2018

    To Inspire:  You may have seen the recent spot on CBS Sunday Morning featuring columnist and commentator AJ Jacobs, author of “Thanks a Thousand: A Gratitude Journey.”  In it, he shared with viewers his decision to demonstrate to his children the importance of giving thanks by personally thanking the many people that make his morning […]

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  • Is the Upcoming G-20 Summit Something to be Thankful For?

    November 21, 2018

    To Inform:  Source:   Earlier this week, The Joseph Group hosted our very first Portfolios & Pints at Land Grant Brewery.  Very similar to our monthly Portfolios at Panera, this was an opportunity to talk about markets and answer questions about what we are doing in client portfolios. Starting a new evening gathering brought […]

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  • Celebrating Service

    November 14, 2018

    To Inspire:  We remember with gratitude the many veterans who have served our nation.  One such veteran, 93-year-old Dick Wood, was featured in The Columbus Dispatch over the weekend and we thought his story was worth sharing. 93-year-old WW II veteran, Dick Wood Source: The Columbus Dispatch – link   As a staff sergeant and […]

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  • Everyday Greatness

    November 7, 2018

    To Inspire:  Living a great life need not be glamorous or complicated.  Everyday greatness is lived by countless thousands all over this country.  Consider Sather Gowdy, a law student at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington and the man behind Heal Spokane, a movement and nonprofit focused on improving his community through grassroots acts of service […]

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  • What’s Yellen Yellin’ About?

    November 1, 2018

    To Inform:  Earlier this week, Jeff Tudor, CRPS, Client Advisor, and Aaron Filbeck, CFA, CAIA, CIPM, Portfolio Manager, attended the Schwab IMPACT Conference hosted in Washington D.C. This annual conference is a great opportunity for firms like ours to attend educational sessions on investments, financial planning, technology, and practice management topics. Among the keynote speakers […]

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